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Travel Light – 5 Ways to Make the Most of What You Pack

May 24, 2017

Travel Light – 5 Ways to Make the Most of What You Pack

Minimalist without being limiting is a core principle of ours. That’s why we’ve taken it into account in every aspect of design possible, and why we encourage you to apply this principle to other parts of your life; Namely, traveling.

There’s no reason to haul around a massive, lumbering suitcase with you every time you go out of town. You can fit everything you need for a few weeks into a space much smaller than a car trunk.

We’re going to look at a few ways you can increase your carrying capacity while keeping everything at a manageable level.

ridge wallet


This is your first step, so take it slow. Think of everything you’ll need for this trip. There’s no set-in-stone method for this, since different people travel for different reasons; Obviously, you wouldn’t need a hookah for a Church Retreat.

Quick Checklist:

Shoes: Tennis, casual, and dress.

Clothes: Bottoms can be kept to a minimum and worn twice (NOT underwear!), and a formal outfit should always be brought (if you aren’t already bringing several formals for a business trip). Casual shirts – One for every day if you’re not dressing formally. The underwear thing: You know this one already, right…?

Toiletries: Toothbrush, shampoos, soaps, lotions, razors, etc. These can vary depending on who you are, obviously. You deem what’s fit, but don’t get carried away. This is where you’ll be tempted to be lead astray…


Go down the line. Think, but not too hard; That’s the key – If you find yourself thinking too hard about an item, you probably don’t need it. Toss it away!

That's the ideology we apply to wallets. Men don't need half the contents they're lugging around with them—The Ridge helps minimize your carry. Do the same when traveling!



Don’t bring a hiking pack to a weeklong getaway. There’s no need to go out and buy all new luggage for one trip, but align your traveling needs correctly with the size of your bag. You can also fit more in a bag made from a flexible material, but you sacrifice the protection of hard-cover suitcases.


There’s a reason the military rolls their clothes before stowing them away in their rucksacks: It works. Don’t go rolling your stiffs up, though – Only roll your soft clothes, like cotton shirts and pajamas. Once you’ve got them rolled, tightly lay them together in rows at the bottom of your suitcase.

Then, take your stiffs (dress shirts, jackets, etc.), fold them, and place them on top of the rolled layer. Now, take dry cleaners plastic or saran wrap, and put a layer over the top. Now you can safely stow away your shoes and toiletries without risking any dirty clothes.


Don’t think it’s all easy going from here. Your bag may be packed, but you still may have way too much on your personal carry. Make sure you’re still traveling light by cutting down on your pocket space.

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