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Nascar Driver Spotlight: Ryan Truex, A Model of Precision, Efficiency, and Skill

August 18, 2018

Nascar Driver Spotlight: Ryan Truex, A Model of Precision, Efficiency, and Skill

If you’re one of the many Ridge Wallet owners who is also a Nascar fan, and you’ve been wondering whether that RIDGE logo on professional driver Ryan Truex’s arm might be the same one on your favorite wallet… well, your eyes are not deceiving you. Ryan Truex not only wears the tag on his arm, but he’s proud to carry his own Ridge around in his pocket, and even brags about it on Facebook.

Being a racecar driver takes precision, knowing your goals, not spending time on what doesn’t matter. That’s why Ryan Truex is the perfect representative of the central philosophy behind the Ridge Wallet, and it’s also what makes him an exceptional athlete.

The Early Days

From an early age, Ryan Truex knew what he wanted to do, and he set out to make it happen. Back in 2009, when he was only 17 years old — an age where most people are still figuring out what they might be good at — Truex was whipping his car around the turns, doing burnouts, and earning applause before a crowd in Dover, Delaware, where he snagged an eighth place win NASCAR Camping World Series East championship, according to the Press of Atlantic City. Of course, having the support of one’s family is a huge marker for success, and Ryan had plenty: both his brother and father were previous driving champions.

It was his rookie year, and even though Ryan had the loving support of his loved ones, he had no idea he was going to win so big, so early. Speaking to the local news, he said, "I really didn't think me as a driver would be able to do this good this quick in my career." Later that year, he scored more big wins at Watkins Glen, Thompson, and Lime Rock Park. Before he was even a legal adult, Ryan had already made himself a big name.

Driving to Victory

Succeeding at one’s goals isn’t about winning every time, though: it’s about weathering the losses, and still pushing ahead, while honing one’s skills. Ryan knew that, even at a young age, and as his driving career continued, his driving got better and better. As his career continued onward, he worked through obstacles such as having to get surgery for a wrist injury, according to, an emergency appendectomy reported by Fox Sports, and more recently, ESPN wrote that Truex’s girlfriend was battling ovarian cancer.

Through it all, Truex continued improving his skills, and he’s gone on to regularly place in the top five at many major NASCAR championships.

Why Precision Matters

When you’re driving a racecar, persistence isn’t just a philosophy: it’s a matter of life and death. NASCAR drivers regularly reach speeds of over 200 miles per hour, way faster than the average person cruising at 70 through a 65, and they’re faced with countless distractions and obstacles. They have to make decisions at every microsecond about how to snag the lead without crashing their car.

While not having a precise wallet won’t kill you, it will make your life a lot easier.

When your wallet is overcrowded, bulky, and stuffed full of too many items, you lose precious seconds, minutes— and eventually, hours — trying to find things that should be easily accessible. By cutting back on the clutter, and embracing both minimalism and precision, you’ll be following the same example that Ryan Truex sets for all his fans. Go fast, be precise, and always pay attention.