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Everyday Carry: Front Pocket Wallets and Beyond

May 16, 2017

Everyday Carry: Front Pocket Wallets and Beyond

Everyday Carry is about having what you need and Front Pocket Wallets help you do that.

Let us explain...

Whether you’re a lawyer, an oceanographer or an unemployed 13-year-old, we have things we need to do every day and we need to carry the tools that help us do them. Discussed obsessively in r/edc or researched on, the goal is to extract as much function from the items you can conveniently carry.

There are the staples, of course—cellphones, glasses, keys, wallets, etc—that most of us are well-versed in, but many have expanded their carry to include notebooks, knives and anything else they may consistently find value in.

With the contents of our pockets and bags quickly growing, people have gotten creative with some of the standard items. Phone cases double as chargers, keychains hold bottle openers, and glasses are headphones.

As for wallets? They’re much smaller.

It makes sense that the bloated, leather bifolds our Dads would wedge into their rear pockets would eventually fall out of style. We simply don’t need to carry all the old receipts and gift cards that would line the crevices of those pocket suitcases! Slimmed down to fit comfortably, front pocket wallets allow you to vacate some space in your jeans for more substantial items.

So what kind of cool items can fit into your everyday carry after that wallet migrates to your front pocket? We’re glad you asked.

  1. Notebooks

front pocket wallet

Jotting down some existential ramblings? Maybe you’re sketching your next lamp design? Either way, you never know when creativity strikes. Staying prepared with a tightly bound notebook never did anyone harm and it doesn’t get any better than the field notes notebook.

  1. Camera

front pocket wallet

We know—we’ve all seen the “Shot on iPhone” commercials, but if you want to step up your cinematography game, you’ll need something slightly more serious than that 6+. A point and shoot digital camera can you give you those sweet bokeh effects—you can probably already feel the Instagram likes, huh?

  1. Fidget Spinners

front pocket wallet

These little gizmos have been said to increase mental productivity and aid those with ADHD. Whether they’re cool or not is evenmore debatable—but they can definitely fit in your pockets!