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7 Great Gifts For Groomsmen

May 24, 2017

7 Great Gifts For Groomsmen

The flags are at half-mast, cars are filing in procession, and tears fill your closest friend’s eyes… Because the day has come: You are getting married.

Long gone are the late nights of you-can’t-remember-what-happened. Long gone are the weekend long fishing trips and the backyard get-togethers.  Long gone are the reckless days of brotherly comradery.

You’ve been shackled by the diamond-guised chains of marriage—and while that may sound dramatic—that’s what your friends are thinking.

So, make it easy on their poor, aching souls, and give them a gift worthy of brotherhood. We’ve made it easy for you, and compiled a small list of 7 things to help ease the fears of your beloved friends.


This one will take a while… But, it’s worth it. American Oak Barrel’s “Made By” whiskey barrel. Get together with your boys, and make your very own whiskey. Age it to perfection, and celebrate your years of clanship with the perfect, home-brewed beverage (if it isn’t perfect, it’s your fault).

Make sure you get the 10 liter, though. After a year of marriage, you may need it—but hopefully not!



We can’t explain it, but there’s just something about edged weapons that exudes archaic brotherly bonds. A pocket knife is the most practical, and will likely be carried around very often. There are some really great ones out on the market. We really love the look of Damascus steel blades.

But, why stop there? You could get your groomsmen a battle-ready axe, just in case you and the boys have to go collect on some long overdue debts…


You don’t need to be Bear Grylls to carry a windproof lighter, or Snoop Dog’s doppelgänger; Every man should have quick access to fire. Zippo has been around since 1932, so they know a few things about quality. Windproof, life-lasting, and classy. These make great gifts for your groomsmen.



The Whiskey is on its way – Now, make sure you break it out in high-styled glass, Don Draper fashion. There’s just something nice about a glass decanter, void of colors and liquor branding. You could even step it up another notch by personalizing each decanter with the groomsmen’s first names/letters.


front pocket wallet

It’s one of those gifts where they won’t realize they needed it until you’ve given it to them!

The Ridge wallet has so many ergonomic and practical advantages: Decreased size (increased spinal health), quicker access to cash/cards, a variety of highly durable materials backed with a lifelong warranty, PLUS… They’re just so sexy.



Alright, this may not be the best gift if you have a squadron of bearded groomsmen in your wedding who have no need for a razor. But, for the habitual morning shavers in your group, there really is no comparing a modern shave with the traditional.

Old fashioned, buttery soap is unlike any other canned shaving cream, and the act of mixing and applying it is soul-satisfying. The razor is phenomenally smooth, and only uses a single blade. These gifts won’t disappoint.


Excuse our sentiment, but the best gift you can give to the men you chose to be in your wedding is your time. Don’t get us wrong, all the aforementioned gifts are sound mediums to express your appreciation to your groomsmen, but they’re going to be standing up on that stage with you for a reason: They’re the closest men in your life. So, don’t get TOO wrapped up in the lady in white… Save some time for your brothers.

And, if you’re a groomsman reading this – Don’t cry. You’ll still need to be there with a beer in hand and a head full of bad decisions.