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Carry Less and Always Have What You Need

May 24, 2017

Carry Less and Always Have What You Need

Carry Less and Always Have What You Need.

That’s what we like to call a Ridgean proverb.

Bet you didn’t think this was going to be a religious text, did you? Don’t worry, it isn’t. But, it is a healthy prodding; Let’s look at the excess we have in our lives, and trim the fat off a bit. To do that, we aren’t asking you to change the way you live your life—w

To do that, we aren’t asking you to change the way you live your life—we’re just going to give you a list of some great minimalist tools that can help you cut down on what you carry, without sacrificing any of the essentials.

This week, let’s talk about your personal carry.



You know your keys are too bulky when you can’t even fit them inside your pant pockets. You could probably do away with a few of them, sure. But, for those of us who need access to tons of dungeons and secret vaults, something like the Keysmart Rugged is the perfect remedy for those bulging pockets.

It allows you to compactly fold up to 14 keys in the smaller version, and 34 in their largest version. They even come with integrated bottle openers, flash drives, and a sturdy clip for you to securely snap on your keychain to the inside of your pocket.



Students, agency workers, writers, etc.; We all carry a laptop with us from time to time. When you do, though, it’s important not to bog yourself down with a carrier that’s too bulky and obtrusive.

We like the Cocoon Slim bag. It gives you plenty of space to carry important documents along with your laptop and vital objects, while not sacrificing any space for decoration and unnecessary carry alongs.


front pocket wallet

You knew it was coming… But, we’ve got to brag about it anyway.

The Ridge was designed for minimizing bulk while maximizing functionality at your fingertips. We’ve taken away the excess, and given you nothing but slim, durable, perfection.

It’s all about creating headspace when you decide to cut away the unnecessary in your life. Start with your wallet.


We didn’t forget you pill-poppers out there. Seriously, though, prescription pill bottles take up a lot of space. Plus, it puts your privacy at risk.

With a PillPots carrier, you don’t sacrifice functionality for privacy. These sleek metal carriers discretely hold several types of your daily prescriptions without the bulk of a traditional bottle, while keeping your medical conditions private.

Finally, no Ridgean proverb session would be whole without some closing words of wisdom:

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Confucious

We think that's true of wallets!