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The Ridge and Your Groomsmen: A Gift They’ll Actually Use

June 16, 2017

The Ridge and Your Groomsmen: A Gift They’ll Actually Use

We crafted a short list of some gifts we thought would be great for your groomsmen a while back.

We stand by that list!

However, we can’t get past the feeling that most groomsmen gifts feel a bit… gimmicky.

Now, no one can deny that gifting out personalized battle axes is a recipe for badass destruction, or that an inscribed decanter is great way to take your drinking game from trashy to classy.

But, let’s be honest here – Are any of these things practical? More than likely, they’ll just end up collecting dust on the broshelf.

Let’s break the tradition of gimmicky groomsmen gifts.

 slim wallet

Enter the Ridge: Something that’ll actually provide valuable change in your closest friend’s lives.

These are the kind of guys who’d carry your 150 Ib. washing machine down your apartment steps during a big move with impeccable posture, so the least you could do is help them keep their form with their wallets. Slimmer than a phone, a Ridge fits comfortably in your front pocket, removing the hip/back imbalances associated with those bulky bifolds your boys keep tucked away in their back pockets.

Functionally, a Ridge leaves nothing to chance.

Everything has been designed for durability and ease of use.

the ridge

Hopefully your groomsmen aren’t credit card hoarders, but if they are, the Ridge can expand to carry up to 15 pieces of plastic. There’s no need to worry about the frugal ones in the bunch either - with the elastic “T” design of the expandable track, even a single card is secured from the bottom as well as the sides, so you never have to worry about your plastic slipping out. There’s also a small finger notch cut out of the exterior card opening to help you easily cycle through your cards and grab the one you need.

If your boys are cash carriers, you’ve got two options: An elastic strap or a money clip. Both are dependable, and both only add to the sleek profile – Ol’ Benjie looks slick as hell secured down in a Ridge.

Minimalist design without being constraining.

These are the closest men in your life. You chose them to be on that stage with you. Give them a quality gift, one they’ll use for… Well, ever. It’s just one of those things you switch to and never look back. Plus, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty.