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3 Life Hacks To Make Everyday A Little Easier

June 16, 2017

3 Life Hacks To Make Everyday A Little Easier

It’s called alifehack for a reason.

Whatever the “hack” may be, it needs to have an overwhelmingly positive influence on your overall quality of life.

We aren’t talking about cheap gimmicks that help your coke stay carbonated longer or ways to turn an Altoids can into a portable charger. Those are fun and all – don’t get us wrong – but, we’re more into things that can really affect you with simple methods.

  • The Stopwatch

  • stopwatchSuch a simple tool found on every smartphone, yet it usually goes entirely unused; Except for when you’re doing somethingawesome like timing how fast you can chug a beer.

    There’s a lesson to be learned from those timed beer chugging contests: Speed of action.

    Take that simple stopwatch on your phone and set a timer for every outstanding task you have at hand for the day. Need to get a brief written by the end of the day? Set a timer for two hours and get to hammering. Aim to finish – even if you don’t, we guarantee you’ll have gotten more done in those two hours than you would have in four.

    Slowly, you’ll get a feel for your daily tasks and how much time they should usually take. Then, just trim that time down accordingly. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can get things done.

    Push for Pain

  • pain
    There’s a certain threshold for pain that differs for everybody. Some can take very little pain, while some thrive in the uncomfortable.

    Doesn’t matter which you are – Push the limits. Exercise is advocated by nearly every successful person on the planet for a reason: It significantly improves your quality of life.

    Moving into action and putting yourself into an uncomfortable state through exercise teaches you a kind of discipline that can’t be found elsewhere. Every day becomes a chance to push yourself further. The knowledge that you have the willpower to push through your pain threshold every day is a testament to your inner strength – Tasks become boundless once we realize we’re powerful enough to make it so.

    Not to mention the health benefits… Really, we won’t mention them. There’s far too many.

    Cheat Your Brain


    By placing objects in the right places, you can cheat your brain into taking positive action:

    • You have a goal of 8 glasses of water a day, but you grab a coke from the fridge instead.
    • You were supposed to go to the gym, which you didn’t – and grabbed a brownie from the pantry instead.
    • You want to read 20 books this year, but you flip on the television when you get home.

    Now, to condition your brain through object placement.

    • Put your favorite cup in the fridge and get rid of the cokes.
    • Pack your gym bag the night before and lay it beside your bed so that it’s the first thing you see in the morning.
    • Put your TV remote in another room and place your book on your armchair.

    By simply placing objects in the right places at the right time, our lazy brains will condition themselves to take the positive actions we used to wish for. Try it; You’ll be astounded by the difference.


    front pocket wallet

    We don’t need to lug around ancient gift cards and receipts that are so old the ink isn’t visible anymore. There’s no need for thick billfolds and the headaches that come with them.

    The solution: Carry a wallet that forces you to do away with the unnecessary.

    You encounter your wallet a helluva lot more than other things in your day, so it makes sense to invest in a wallet that’s durable, attractive, and organized enough without being constraining. Life is cluttered enough – Give yourself some headspace, and start with your back pocket.