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5 Best U.S. Destinations To Visit This Summer

June 20, 2017

5 Best U.S. Destinations To Visit This Summer

It’s hard to narrow down America’s landscape into only 5 supreme destinations.

But, we did it anyway.

While there are still tons of places that will be missing from this short list, we wanted to narrow it down to the best spots to travel to this summer that reflect the lifestyle we push so hard for in our design – Havens to clear some headspace.


maroon bells

The Maroon Bells are said to be the most photographed peaks in Colorado. Just look at this place – Crystal clear water, a blanket of evergreens, and dark mountains against a field of blue. Makes you want to pitch a tent and stay for a week. Which, you absolutely can if you’d like!


grand canyon

Just look at that. What a stunning visual. Whether you look down at the carved landscape from above, or feel the vast canyon walls looming above you from down below, this is a humbling experience like no other. It’s nearly unfathomable how such a massive formation could come about from the gentle moving’s of water.



The world’s first national park. Yellowstone unveils the hidden power of one of the U.S.’ largest volcanos with mudpots, colorful hot springs, and massive geysers. You can take challenging or beginner hikes through long stretches of woods, and mountainous areas. This is a beautiful, and quietly dangerous place to visit this summer.



California’s wine country. This area is filled with comfortable cabins, top of the line hotels, camping grounds, and sweeping vineyards home to more than 50 kinds of grapes. This’ll be a trip to reflect on the health benefits of wine and clear, green air – Just make sure you’ve got a DD.



We’ve got to include some civilization in the mix. That’s the beauty of Asheville, though. You don’t sacrifice modernity for virgin-lands. This place is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, and features plenty of timeless trails and scenic views. Whenever you need a break from the outdoors, Asheville is filled with historic architectural spots and modern art scenes.

It’s all about the lifestyle here at Ridge. We encourage traveling because it fits so perfectly with our message. So, before you leave this summer for a mind clearing vacation, make sure to carry less while always having what you need.