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A Guide to Minimalism

June 23, 2017

A Guide to Minimalism

Let’s talk for a moment about the key principle in our design process: minimalism.

There’s much more to this concept than the simple aesthetics involved.

Minimalism isn’t about white walls, ergonomic chairs, and throwing away your valuables; It’s about creating room for what’s important in your life by doing away with what isn’t.

We aren’t just talking physical possessions, either. We’re talking about serious stuff, too. Deep stuff. Metaphysical stuff.

This is a short primer: A guide on transitioning from a life of excess to one of trimmed necessity.

Tip the First Domino.

For some, making a major lifestyle transition is easy. For most, it’s nearly impossible.

The best way to get started?

Take your first step.

The entire concept of minimalism is driven by a desire to make headspace by trimming away the unnecessary. Some believe that starting inside through meditation and introspective thought is the way to start.

We believe that your surroundings have such a profound effect on your mood, that starting with the exterior is the way to go.

Tip the first domino over.

Clear up your desk, or your dresser, or your headboard.

Once you stow away that unnecessary stack of paperwork, you’ll notice that you don’t need that massive jar of empty pens and unsharpened pencils.

Bag your old clothes for donation and you’ll realize that you really don’t need that shirt you bought last weekend. Take it back.

Clear your headboard of those empty water bottles and pointless trinkets, and you’ll find more reason to move onto the bookshelf, then the closet, then the hallway.

It all starts with a step.

Stow, Don’t Throw.

As you’re making your rounds throughout the house, don’t throw anything away. Yet.

Just keep it hidden and out of sight for a week or two. You’ll start to realize that you didn’t need most of the filling items you had around. Donate them, or trash them. Keep the necessary ones that you had to go back for during that week or two.

Focus on You, Now.

Remember, it isn’t about throwing away your physical items. 

It’s about creating headspace. 

Getting rid of the excessive in your living area is only a portion of the process. You now have less to weigh you down.

Focus on you, now. Your obligations, your unhealthy relationships, your email subscriptions, your mental health. Cut all the phlegm out. Know your priorities.

This is only a primer. Without sounding too hippie, we’ll talk more seriously on meditation, physical stimuli and their psychological consequences, etc.

It’s important to us – that’s why we created The Ridge.

In the meantime, clear some headspace.

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