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Organizing Tips for Your Ridge Wallet

March 07, 2018

Organizing Tips for Your Ridge Wallet

Re-evaluating your everyday carry

Okay, so if you’ve already got a Ridge wallet, the chances are that you identify with the values of minimalism, good organization, and quality. The key quality that defines a Ridge wallet is that it takes the basic guidelines of what makes a wallet a “wallet,” and reconstructs that concept into something infinitely smoother, higher quality, and easier to use.

In order to fully maximize the potential of your Ridge wallet, one of the best things you can do is take a little time at the start to properly organize it, so that the contents of the wallet are as easily accessible as possible. To that end, here are a few tips that may help you get started.

Where Does the Cash Go?

It’s always good to keep a little cash on you, whether it’s for giving tips or using tolls. We won’t go into the debate of how much cash you should carry, since that’s a story for another day, but when it comes to the Ridge wallet, the place for it is clear: fold it up, and stick it in the back.

As you’ll see when you hold the wallet up, while the front has the clean and bold surface in your chosen material, the back will have either a cash strap or a money clip, depending on which model you bought. A big wad of cash will easily fold up into this space, separate from everything else. As far as organization goes, it’s advisable to keep your 20s, 10s, 5s, 1s, and so on together.

What About the Credit Cards, Debit Cards, My Driver’s License, and So On?

You probably have between 5-10 plastic cards that you keep in your wallet at all times, whether those are credit cards, debit cards, your blood donor card, your driver’s license, or what have you. When it comes to placing them in your Ridge, you obviously want to put them all together—but you also want ease of access, since these are the cards you’ll be taking out the most.

The best trick for doing this is to hold the Ridge up, with the backside of it (the cash side) facing you, while the front faces the person standing across from you. Pulling the Ridge open at the top, place the cards you use the most closest to you—I.E., closest to the back of the wallet. That’s because when you open it up, the cards in the back will be the most handy, while the ones at the front might take a little longer. Sort the cards by what you use the most.

Some people prefer the reverse method, wherein they keep their most used cards at the front, instead of the back. Try both of these methods, and see what works for you!

What About my Punch Cards, Loyalty Cards, Et Cetera?

You probably have at least a few of these in your wallet, and you might have a lot. Either way, they have to go somewhere. But you want to be able to find them easily when you want them, and not have to sort through them constantly when you don’t. So, the first thing you should do is separate these cards from your important credit, debit, ID cards, and so on.

If you previously placed all of your credit cards at the back of the wallet, then go ahead and place your punch cards/loyalty cards at the back, but facing the same direction. Meanwhile, if you put your credit cards at the front, place your loyalty cards at the back. Because you only use these cards when you’re at a specific store or restaurant, it’s less important to be able to get them quickly. Naturally, you can organize them face-first according to which ones you use the most.

Happy sorting!