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Making the basics better: tools for your wallet

March 03, 2018

Making the basics better: tools for your wallet

It's 2018

We live in a crazy time of self-driving cars and SpaceX rockets, flying off into space, looking like an Independence Day movie. It’s as if we are on the cusp of a science fiction novel, where we all have computers systems in our brains. Yet, we are not quite there. We still need the basics we’ve always had but rather just a lot cooler and more convenient.

Making the basics better

One such bridge to our futuristic world is the Ridge wallet. It certainlylooks like an invention of the 22nd century and protects you from RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) wielding thieves looking to make an easy buck. It’s also the only wallet on the market that will start a conversation at the bar. If you have a Ridge wallet, you’ve taken the first step toward being a Bladerunner, minus the whole “you’re a robot” thing.

One day we’ll be pressing our fingertips to pay for groceries. Until then the Ridge wallet is sleekest, safest and most badass way to carry around your currency. However, the Ridge wallet isn’t the only 21st-century invention working to span the gap to the 22nd century a hair early. Wallet Ninja has made the number one selling flat multi-tool in the world. In 20 years, we’ll have all the gadgets and gizmos we need popping out of wrists Inspector Gadget style.

Wallet Ninja

Wallet Ninja has created a functional multi-tool the size of your credit card. It can easily slip in your Ridge wallet and performs a variety of functions, perfect for travelers or handy people looking to carry a little pragmatism in your pocket. Wallet Ninja has created a variety of different multi-tools to fit your particular needs but here’s a quick rundown on what every multi-tool has.

Slightly bigger than your standard business card, every Wallet Ninja comes with a ruler, an eyeglasses screwdriver, a real screwdriver, a can opener, a bottle opener, a box opener, a cell phone stand and five different sizes of wrenches. Ninja Wallet’s are customizable and even come with a free Ninja Knife with any purchase from their website.

Trust The Swiss

Another tool that fits the transformers’ tagline of “more than meets the eye” is the Swiss made Victorinox Swiss lite pocket tool. Similar to the Wallet Ninja, this handy credit card size tool packs a whole lot of usefulness in a small package. Slightly less handyman and a pinch more everyday joe, the Victorinox boasts a pen, flashlight, scissors, tweezers, even a magnifying glass. Perfect for those everyday tasks without having to carry a bag worth of tools. It won the 2004 Reddot award for design quality, innovation in form and function, so you know it’s good!

Everyday Carry

EDC may be best known as a giant music festival in Las Vegas but it also stands for Every Day Carry. This slightly lesser known EDC comes from various companies miniaturizing and maximizing every useful tool we have into smaller, easy to carry items, allowing us the go-go gadget lifestyle before we all start getting implants. Check out Ridge wallet and Wallet Ninja for a glimpse into the future.