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Men’s Guide: Tactical or Tacticool

August 03, 2017

Men’s Guide: Tactical or Tacticool

Yeah, we know tactical gear is slick and has its place – but, nobody is going to war, here. When does tactical simple become tacticool? And how much is too much when it comes to tactical gear for the everyday man? These are the hard-hitting questions we like to tackle at The Ridge.

By the way, if you’re a military man – we know you don’t need our permission, but - ignore all of this. You can wear whatever the hell you want.


Kicking it off, we’ll start with the most commonly worn tactical gear: military boots.

We aren’t going to dog on these. There’s nothing too over-the-top about tactical boots. In fact, we’ll even go as far to say that every man should own a pair of good military boots. They’re used by our nation’s bravest for a reason. High quality, built to take a beating, and usually comfortable. And no one can deny the aesthetic.


Now we’re entering the grey area. Tactical pants are definitely useful, durable, and long lasting, so we can’t deny the benefits, here. Typically being cargo pants, you’re given a ton of options with how much you need to carry, and where. Sure, cargo isn’t really in, but who cares – fashion trends are great and all, but no need to dictate your life by them.

However, camo patterns that are actually used by the military usually aren’t a good idea… For one, you look like you may actually be in the service, which you aren’t. Sure, you could still go for it. But, best not risk looking like a tool.

Pockets (EDC)

Luckily, you can go balls to the wall in this area and still be okay. These will be in your pocket, so no need to worry about being prepped for war here. That being said, we’re talking about pocket everyday carries – not hatchets and buoy knifes dangling from your belt. Avoid things like that, unless your job demands things like that.

We’re all about carrying a pocket knife, though. Every man should own one – you never know when you’ll need it.

Shirts / Jackets

Pretty standard here, just like the pants. Wear your classic military-grade work shirts, all plain grey or tan or navy. Wear tactical jackets that give you some added weather protection and storage space, should you need it. But, again, stay away from active military camo – it doesn’t speak right about you if you’ve never served.


Here’s where you’ll most commonly see tactical-styled gear, and for good reason. Military packs are designed as close to perfection as possible. They’re meant for soldiers – men and women who carry these things for hours and hours at a time with around 60 pounds of gear in them. They’ve got to be comfortable, durable, and easy on your spine. We definitely encourage grabbing one for your choice of backpack, should you have to carry one.

Yet again, try and stay away from active military camo, though. It’s more accepted with backpacks, but still. There are tons of alternatives, like desert brown or black.

We didn’t mention it in our EDC section, but it deserves merit here. The Ridge – especially the carbon fiber one – is considered a tactical wallet. In a profession that requires space and economy of weight, the Ridge is a perfect fit. As small as a credit card and thinner than your phone, you can fit a Ridge wallet in whatever slot, pocket, or bag you need to.

Besides, just the look of a Ridge echoes tactical efficiency.