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Life hack: fix your wallet

August 09, 2017

Life hack: fix your wallet

We've got something to talk about. 

You know the bulkiness of traditional bifolds is becoming a problem when people start searching for wallet lifehacks. So, we decided to compile a few alternatives to carrying around a bulky bifold, along with a few other clever tricks.

  1. The Cassette Wallet

Tired of the bulk, but not ready to buy a real front pocket wallet? Stuff your cash and plastic into a cassette tape holder. Sure, it’s ugly, but at least you won’t be struggling to take your wallet out of your back pocket in the car, or wrestling with any posture-oriented spinal issues later down the road. Just make sure to snap a rubber band around it to keep it shut.

Speaking of rubber bands….

  1. The Simplest Minimalist “Wallet” (oxymoron, anybody?)

Funny enough, our founder, Daniel Kane, started this company after using this method for a while. The idea is to eliminate literally everything – no money clip, no shell, nothing.

Just a rubber band.

Take your cards, stack them together, then wrap the cash around them before securing it all tight with a simple rubber band. Voila, the most minimalist “wallet” you can get without having to glue your currencies together.

There are obvious issues with this method, though. Your cards could slide out, accessing the right card and then having to rewrap the band could become a hassle, etc.

Then, there’s the prospect of RFID theft that hasn’t been addressed in either of these DIY methods. So, here’s a trick:

  1. Foil It Up Like a Loony

You know how tin foil hats are supposed to keep the government and other shadowy figures from reading your mind? Same concept – except, now we’re dealing with actual threats.

RFID scanners can jack your card information without ever having to touch you or your wallet, and it’s extremely easy - and cheap - to pull off. If you aren’t ready to invest in an RFID blocking wallet, then you can try the homemade alternative: wrapping your cards in aluminum foil.

Sure, it looks awful, and is a huge hassle to use, but who cares? At least your info will stay safe.

  1. SD Credit Card

If you’re a photographer, filmmaker, or anyone who deals with SD cards on a regular basis, you know the struggle of carrying those small cases. They’re too tiny to carry around in your pockets without risking it falling from your pocket, and they get lost in cluttered bags.

The solution: make your own SD carrier from a credit card. By cutting out a perfect-fitting slot in a fake credit card, you can easily lug around several SD cards in your wallet without risk.

  1. Just Simplify It All

There’s a pretty easy solution to all of these issues.

No back problems, no bulky pockets, no RFID theft, no confinement of space…

The Ridge – an RFID blocking, minimalist front pocket wallet designed to fit up to 12 cards inside its plated expandable track.

Fiddle around with some wallet hacks for a while. But, when you’re ready to combine ease of use with impeccable design and security, we’ll be waiting.