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Introducing the Card Case: A Complement to The Ridge

October 10, 2017

Introducing the Card Case: A Complement to The Ridge

The Ridge itself is all about minimalism; ditching the bulky wallet and creating headspace by eliminating the unnecessary.

We’ve done just that with our wallets. And, for the most part, a wallet is a necessity.

However, there are still times where pulling a wallet from out of our pockets can become a hassle. Even still, there are times when carrying a wallet is entirely unnecessary, or even cumbersome.

So… what is something that, no matter where you go, you will typically always carry with you?Your phone. Bingo.

That’s why we’ve created the Card Case.

card case

Electronic Gates

Whether it’s a gate around your community, a parking garage, or your workplace, sometimes an RFID key is needed to enter a locked area.

Not only is it a hassle to take your wallet out of your pocket while in your drivers seat, but then you’ve got to shuffle through your cards in order to get to the keycard you need - because we keep our wallets RFID-proof to prevent identity theft scenarios.

Now you can bypass both of those steps.

Just keep your RFID key right there in the back of your card case. You don’t even have to take it out of the sleeve - just pass your phone by the keycard reader.

Eliminating the unnecessary.

The Gym

You’re going to be running, you’re going to be sweating, and you’re going to be throwing your body around in directions that are sure to fling unnecessary things - like wallets - out of your pockets.

Just think about it: do you typically carry your wallet around with you while you workout?

You likely fall into two different categories,

A.) You do, and you have to take it out and set it next to the machine you’re using every time, or

B.) You don’t, and you have to keep it locked away because of the fear of it getting stolen.

Why don’t we just eliminate the wallet from the entire equation? Carry your membership card and ID with you on your phone. You’ll already be using it for music, anyway.

Win, win.

The Concrete

Ever dropped your phone, uncased, onto bare concrete? You're probably all too familiar with that sudden fear of a potentially cracked phone—we definitely are. 

Like we said before: we’re all about trimming away the unnecessary... But, we never sacrifice that durability to maintain that philosophy.

If you haven’t read our piece about the durability of our wallets, do so.

We haven’t veered off-course with that principle of durable design when it comes to our Card Case, either. This bad boy is made of full-grain leather (the goooood stuff, that only looks better with age), and comes on a raised bevel to protect your camera lens and front screen.

Eliminate the unnecessary. Complement your Ridge. Protect your valuables.