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Work Smarter Not Harder: Gear for the 9-to-5

August 02, 2018

Work Smarter Not Harder: Gear for the 9-to-5

Okay, we hate to break it to you, but Fall is on its way.

The end of the summer parties are all happening, the rain clouds have grown more common, and everyone can taste it in the air. Perhaps the only thing that makes the end of summer sting a little bit harder is the fact that now, you’ll have to go back to work. Back to sitting inside, air conditioners blasting in your face (if you’re lucky), and spending all day on activities that might not be your favorite.

But listen: getting back to work doesn’t have to suck. If you follow the Ridge example, you might even be excited about your return to the cubicles, offices, nursing station, or wherever you’re heading. We’ll show you why.

The Commuter Backpack

Yeah, yeah, we already hear the voice in your head, lecturing you that backpacks are for students: adults are supposed to use briefcases, right?

Wrong—at least, not when it comes to The Commuter Backpack, which will take you back to the office in style, and packs all the benefits of a backpack and a briefcase into one handy bag. With its water resistant shell, you’ll never have to worry about coffee stains, and as if that wasn’t enough, it contains a shock-resistant laptop holder, a power bank pocket with an external USB port, a luggage strap, and a hidden RFID-blocking pocket. Don’t feel like going to the water cooler anymore? That’s fine, because the Commuter Backpack comes with two water bottle holders.

The Commuter Backpack is 15 inches, but if that’s a little small for you, feel free to grab the 17 inch Weekender for the same smooth price: $105 USD.

The Power Bank

Honestly, now that we live in the age of smartphone ubiquity, the advantages of carrying a power bank around should be clear. But if you’ve held out on the power bank bandwagon up until now, well, it’s time to jump on the train, especially now that you’re heading back to work.

The Ridge Mobile Power Bank is only eight ounces, and we call it the “perfect mobile accessory.” Want to keep your phone charged while you’re at work, and don’t feel like running around looking for an outlet? Perfect: just plug it into the power bank, and you’re good to go. Need your phone charged for a meeting? You get the idea.

The Phone Case

Now, getting a new phone case is hardly a necessity when you first return to work. However, it is fun to see everyone’s reactions. Besides that, the phone cases that Ridge offers are perfectly suited for the working adult, who just wants to carry their essentials without all the extra baggage. Able to carry one to two cards — for the ultimate minimalist! — and made of oil waxed full grain leather, these phone cases are the perfect way to carry your debit card and ID to work, without anything else. Available for both iPhones and Samsung!

Don’t stress out about work: if you have the right gear in place, and all the essentials, everything will be a lot easier.