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Winter Beards: Balancing Warmth and Neatness

December 21, 2017

Winter Beards: Balancing Warmth and Neatness

If there’s ever a time to grow a beard so massive that it acts like a permanent scarf, it’s winter time. Temperatures drop below freezing in the northern states, and the southern ones are too used to the heat that even 40 degree weather sends them back inside to triple-layer.

Beards solve that problem for all men across the world, though. This isn’t just conjecture, either - it’s beard science. A 2012 study conducted in China found that beards caused an average increase of skin temperature of 1 degree. If you think that may not sound like much, go ahead and shave your beard this winter and get back to us on that.

But, there’s a catch. Gentlemen can’t go around town with a beard looking like they forgot to take their sasquatch mask off from Halloween. Don’t mistake us, we’re all about the mountain man look and all - but you’ve got to balance out the warmth-providing properties of a thick beard with proper grooming habits.

Here’s an easy, simple guide to keeping your beard clean, trimmed, and warm this winter.

Beard Tools

Comb or brush: to detangle (if you get a brush, we recommend ox-hair)
Clippers: for trimming with control
Scissors: for strays
Beard oil: to keep it soft and healthy

How To Trim Your Beard

  1. First, you’ll want to comb/brush your beard out. We’re talking everywhere - moustache, neck, chin. Get all of your hair settled in one direction, and do this while it’s dry.
  1. Use clippers to get an even cut, only if you’re trying to maintain a certain beard length. If you’re unsure about what number guard to use, always start out longer and work your way down. Here’s a simple guide to clipper sizes.
  2. If you want to fade your neck and cheeks out (which we highly recommend), use a smaller clipper sizes as you move outwar. This keeps your beard extremely sharp.
  3. Use your scissors to detail. You’ll likely have random curly hairs spiraling out from your beard, which throw the clean look off. That’s why it’s important to do this while your beard is dry and in its natural form. Snip em’ away.
  1. Oil it up. You should be using a beard oil nearly every day, after you shower. This keeps your beard moisturized, healthy, and smelling good, which is really important - especially if you’ve got someone to kiss up to at night.

Want to know the secret to maintaining a really sharp beard? Do these things on a weekly basis. A beard can grow out of control fast, and by keeping it trimmed every Sunday or so, you’ll avoid looking like Tom Hanks from Cast Away.

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