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Why You Need A Minimalist Wallet

November 02, 2017

Why You Need A Minimalist Wallet

You may have been on the fence lately about whether or not you should make the switch and ditch your old traditional wallet for a minimalist one. We understand; the “tradition” in traditional can be pretty hard to break. Don’t worry, though - here’s a few reasons why you need to make the change:

1. Your Spine

You may be aware of the pain in your lower back/hips that you’re wallet causes you… Hopefully you take it out before you sit down. But, most men don’t even realize that the reason their backs are hurting is solely because they use a traditional back-pocket wallet. Sitting on an inclined surface for a good fraction of your life takes a serious toll on your hip and spinal alignment. And, sure, you can take it out every time you sit down. But why deal with the hassle? A Ridge is small enough, slim enough, and fundamentally designed to be carried in your front pocket for this exact reason.

2. Convenience

We’ve all been in a line browsing social media or talking to friends when suddenly you show up at the front. It’s a fumble to pull out your bifold, flip it open, find the right slot, and pull out your card. And, a lot of the times (like a drive thru), it’s a hassle to even get your wallet out of your back pocket altogether. While this isn’t nearly as dire of an issue as your spinal health, none of us like to deal with pointless hassle. We understand that. That’s why a Ridge is designed to be minimal, expandable, and ergonomic - you carry only the necessities. This makes it easy to find the right card, easy to take it out, and easy to put it back in.

3. Safety

Whether we’re talking pickpockets or digital skimmers, identity theft and just plain theft in general is huge issue - especially in highly populated cities. A minimalist wallet like the Ridge does away with any fear of having your precious bank and identity info being stolen in two ways:

  1. It’s carried in your front pocket. It’s a helluva lot harder for a pickpocket to get his hands into your front pocket, whereas your back pockets are easy to reach, out of your vision, and tend to be baggier altogether.
  2. It’s RFID protected. Unlike traditional leather bifolds, a Ridge completely blocks any kind of wireless digital skimming threats with an RFID blocking shell. That means no thieves can run by you with a digital scanner and steal any of your information.

4. Style

Check any of our social media and you’ll see the truth in this: people lose their minds when they see someone pull out a slick looking piece of design like the Ridge to pay for a cup of coffee, or swipe some subway fare. Design and aesthetics are important - this is something you use everyday. It should look sleek and make you feel good carrying it.

If there’s any more doubt in your mind, just try one out with no strings attached. If you don’t like it, send it back within 45 days for a full refund.

That never seems to happen, though.