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What to carry in addition to your wallet

June 26, 2018

What to carry in addition to your wallet

“Everyday carry” has been a growing community since technology has gotten to the point where we can carry a litany of gizmos comfortably in our pockets. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, everyday carry, these are items that you typically have with you almost always: your phone, wallet and keys for example. Those are your average everyday carry items, things you’d feel naked without.

Thanks to leaps in minimization, the list of items people carry on an everyday basis has grown considerably, depending on where you live. Outdoorsy types are likely to pack different items than say someone living in New York City. However, many city slickers carry some type of bag to holster the variety of items they need. Instead of a bug spray and multi-tool like a Paul Bunyan type may have, an urbanite may need wireless headphones, chapstick and an umbrella.

Little is the New Black:

Whether you are Tarzan or Gordon Gekko, The Ridge has the products to help you more seamlessly move through the world. Our commuter backpack is rugged, tough and comes in two sleek and slim sizes. Despite its modest size, the commuter can squeeze a surprising amount of items without looking like a lopsided turtle. Its nylon shell will keep everything dry even in a downpour. There are two bottle holders for those venturing away from society and a shock resistant laptop holder for those not.

The Ultimate Two in One:

Phone and a wallet, everyone participating in the 21st century needs these. Cash, cards and various other slips of importance have to be kept together. And where would we be without out handheld oracles, filling us in on every detail of our existence? Ridge wallet may not be the first to combine phone and wallet, but they have done it the best. With an RFID blocker to keep your financial details safe in a sturdy full-grain leather material, the Ridge wallet phone case combines posh with pragmatism. It’s perfect for carrying everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The everyday carry lifestyle is meant to keep you on the move without looking like a mobile hoarder. The goal of everyday carry is essentially Inspector Gadget: having the proper tools on you at all times without carrying a toolbox the size of a trash can. Ridge wallet products provide all the usefulness possible without slowing you down.