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Join Our Facebook Group, EDC Community

February 03, 2018

Join Our Facebook Group, EDC Community

We’ve got exciting news!

After spending 2017 laboring over the designs of everything from new wallets to charging backpacks and phone cases, we’ve decided to look up and smell the roses. By that, we mean we want to spend more time with all of you.

The Ridge was created to help you re-evaluate your everyday carry; to ditch the bulky leather bifolds that have hampered men for decades in exchange for something simpler. We realized, however, that there’s more to your carry than wallets (or even backpacks and phone cases) and there’d be value in us talking about what that is.

So what better way to discuss the gear you carry everyday—and whatever else comes up—than to start our own community. EDC Community is a Facebook group dedicated to helping you carry what you need. We’ll have polls, discussions, memes, exclusive deals,who knows what will come up.

Click the button below and join the community.