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The Commuter, The Ridge Backpack

November 28, 2017

The Commuter, The Ridge Backpack

A few days ago, one of our loyal customers posted a question underneath our “product questions” section for our first...backpack.

That's right, we've designed a backpack; even though it pains us a bit to use such a generic term for such an exquisite piece of all-you-need, sleek-profiled, laptop-toting baggery.

All kidding aside, though, the goal of creating this bag was to give people a highly versatile addition to their EDC, without sacrificing form or function.  And, we're dropping the news here, to our loyal readers first.

So, here's what you need to know about the Ridge’s Commuter Backpack:

“The Commuter is our concept of the perfect backpack. A waterproof nylon shell and built in usb-charging port form the base for a rugged & practical bag packed with features and no gimmicks.  Combined with a shockproof laptop compartment, luggage strap, 2 expandable water bottle holders, and RFID-blocking hidden pouch, this is the only backpack you'll need from the city to the trails.”

And, that's the ultimate reason why we named it the Commuter - you should be able to travel confidently, safely, effeciently, and as lightly as possible without making the usual sacrifices of bags that offer the functions of ours; namely, design and size.

Every stitch is placed for perfect distribution, every cord is layed in explicit locations to prevent shorts, every zipper has an expandable purpose, and every angle / bit of material we use is made to shed and wed the everyday city bustle and fight the harsh conditions of a weekend hike.

What we care about is making your everyday carry as smooth and effective as possible - all with a revolutionary twist in design and function. We're meticulously carving our way into far more than world-class wallets. And, as we continue to expand, we just hope you know that every bit of this is only possible because of you - people who have supported our adventures, because we support yours.

This isn't a bag made for sedentary lifestyles. But, then again, none of you are sedentary.

Are you?