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Photographer Spotlight: Jason Russ

March 15, 2018

Photographer Spotlight: Jason Russ

Introducing a New Series

We're constantly creating products we think you'll enjoy; items that help you slim down and get more functionality out of what you carry. From RFID-blocking wallets, to backpacks that charge your phone, to phone cases that carry cards, The Ridge is built on providing quality and durability. 

But the way you see those products? The photos and videos that make up The Ridge brand? Well that's a different story!

We aren't wizards behind the camera or in photoshop, but we're luck enough to work some very talented people who are. We'll likely spin this into a recurring series, but our inaugural post comes from our good friend and creative workhorse, Jason Russ, or @JasonLandonRuss. We sat down with the man, myth, and legend behind some of our favorite photos. 


How long have you been shooting for The Ridge?

I have been shooting with The Ridge for well over 1 year now. 

What's camera gear do you shoot with?

I shoot with the Canon 6D. My favorite lenses are the canon 50mm, 35mm and the 100mm. I always bring along my DJI Mavic pro drone for cool arial vids/photos.

What makes up your Everyday Carry?

I am a commuter so with lots of traveling simplicity is key for me. Ive been using the ridge products well before ever shooting for them and have appreciated how simple, clean and high quality the brand is. My daily EDC consist of my camera (canon 6D), two lenses (35mm 100mm), iPhone X ( with brown Ridge card case) Enclave Pilot 41 navy watch, Ridge Commuter 15 backpack, Ridge mobile power bank, Carbon fiber Ridge Wallet, Mac Book pro, and Lacie hard-rive. 

Do you have a favorite photo you've ever taken?

One of my favorite photos I have ever taken was from a helicopter ride over Los Angeles. I had a really cool opportunity to fly over LA with the doors off. This seemed scary at first but once I started shooting photos everything just felt at peace. 

What's your biggest inspiration?

Inspiration for me comes from Nature. As awesome as it is being a creative it can become very difficult when you begin to lose inspiration. For some reason Nature gives me a different perspective on life and will give me new ideas on how to shoot photos. I make it a priority in my life to go mountain biking a few times a week in order to stay in awe of creation and push myself to create in new ways.