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How to Throw the Perfect Bachelor Party

January 23, 2018

How to Throw the Perfect Bachelor Party

You've just received some great news:

Your best friend since high school is finally getting married to the partner of his dreams. They’ve been together, and you’re psyched for them. Even better news: now that they’re planning the wedding, your old buddy has picked you as the best man! Obviously, you already have the perfect wedding gift in mind: The Ridge Wallet. Could it get any better?

However, once the excitement fades, you’re left with a somewhat sobering realization: in addition to the myriad of responsibilities you’re going to have during the wedding itself, you’re also going to have to be the one to plan your pal’s bachelor party. That’s a big deal, with a lot of pressure to get it right. What are you going to do?

While bachelor parties are nowhere near as hard to plan as a wedding, you still want to make sure to get it right. You want to make this party important, sleek, and memorable, but also cut out the clutter and unnecessary societal expectations, just like the Ridge does for your wallet. We’re all about helping you make things work in the most optimal way, so here are some tips to make for the perfect bachelor outing.

Know and Understand the Groom

Who is the groom? If you’re the best man, or even just a groomsman, then you probably know this guy really well. So when it comes to planning his bachelor party, the first step is to think about who he is, what he would want, what he wouldn’t want, and how to make sure he enjoys himself.

For example, if your friend is a social animal, then a night of barhopping could be in the cards. On the other hand, if he’s a more solitary type who has only a few close friends, then maybe do something more intimate, and smaller in scale. Maybe he’s an adventurous guy, who’d love to go skydiving for his bachelor party. Or maybe he’s a less ambitious type, who would rather be shuttled to a cabin in the woods for some reminiscing on old times.

What’s important here, when you’re planning a bachelor party, is that it should be about you or anyone else’s hopes, dreams, or expectations about what a bachelor party is “supposed” to be. Think about what the groom would like, and try to live up to that.

Don’t Do it the Night Before, If You Can

This goes against common wisdom, but think about it. While the traditional time for a bachelor outing has always been the night before the wedding, more and more groomsman gatherings are happening the weekend before, or sometimes even weeks in advance. The reason? Because you can have a lot more fun that way.

The wedding day is a huge deal, and often happens in the morning. The last thing that a groom (or his spouse-to-be) wants on his wedding day is to be tired, strung out, or hungover because of craziness on the night before. So, if you plan the bachelor party for the weekend before, you can have a better time—and maybe even extend it to a few days.

Take it Out of Town, and Make it Special

Whatever you do, don’t just throw a bachelor party at the groom’s place, especially not if that’s where parties usually happen. The bachelor party needs to be something special, something different, an experience that will stand out from the usual parties that you’ve had in the past. Remember, the point of this event is to mark the passing of time, the monumental occasion where your friend is switching from single life to married life. Make it count!

For example, maybe take a trip to Las Vegas: sure, it’s cliché, but people love it. Or maybe go camping on the Appalachian trail, or journey down to Mexico. You have a lot of options, so think hard on what the groom himself would most enjoy. Then, gather together with your fellow groomsmen, and make it happen. Remember, it’s a special occasion: it should feel like it! Pack light, bring your Ridge wallet to pick up drinks, and make it count.