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How to pack for the airport

May 14, 2018

How to pack for the airport

For most people,

going through TSA is the least enjoyable part of traveling. Long lines of weary travelers removing shoes and laptops before shuffling cattle style through x-ray machines is likely one of Dante’s circles of hell. Yet, until we figure out teleportation, there is no faster way to get from point A to point B. Therefore, it’s highly advantageous if you know the tips and tricks that will get you through aviation purgatory as fast as possible. So read on if passing through the metal detector three times while holding up the line is something you’d like to avoid.

Get Your Roll On:

We aren’t talking about your suitcase but rather your clothes. Folded clothes take up more space, wrinkle faster and make searching through your bag more difficult. By rolling your clothes you’ll allow TSA agents to more quickly sort through your things and clear any potential security risks. Also, consider using packing aids such as packing cubes or space saver bags to further organize your things into manageable sections.

For managing the contents of your pockets, The Ridge wallet and card case help you stay organize and pack minimally. Two pockets on our new card case make keeping your ID handy easier and more protected than the typical bulky wallet.

It’s Electric!:

We all carry some sort of tech with us, either a laptop, an iPad or just your standard smartphone. Pulling that laptop or iPad out and placing it in its own bin is one of the more annoying procedures required. Thankfully, TSA has allowed laptop friendly bags, which don’t require you to remove your electronics. They are worth checking out as it’s one less thing to deal with in an already mind-numbing process.

Making sure that those devices stay charged is an equally important part of packing, making The Ridge Commuter Backpack an ideal partner for all your airline adventures. With an RFID-blocking pocket and accompanying powerbank, the commuter backpack provides utility and simplified packing.

Get the 311:

No, 311 isn’t a typo. One of the most common efficiency killing part of TSA lines are the liquids. All liquids must be in a 3.4 ounce or less bottle inside a single, clear quart-sized plastic bag. That last bit is word for word from the TSA website. Know the rules, follow them, breeze through lines. Some diligent packing will take you a long way the world of TSA security.

Preempt Confusion:

There are items that cause confusion every time you pass through security, for instance, a TSA approved leatherman. Even though it is specifically designed to go through airport security, it’s is still likely to raise some flags. Any item that fall under this should be removed from your bag so TSA can quickly approve it without having to dig through your stuff. Save the stress and guessing game as you wonder why they are going through your bag with DEA level scrutiny.

Airport security isn’t fun, for anyone, including them! TSA clears roughly 2 million people a day with people’s lives at stake if they make a mistake. Consider TSA pre or Global entry if you really want to avoid lines. Otherwise, following these few tips will see you in out and on your way.