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Everyday Carry: The items you need

July 14, 2017

Everyday Carry: The items you need

What's Everyday Carry all about?

At the most basic level, your everyday carry is the collection of items you actually carry around with you… every day. But, we aren’t basic around here (excuse the Ray Ban’s). We like things that take ordinary objects and present them in extraordinary ways, with a taste for high quality, and all around good looks.

1. The Ridge - $45

aluminum wallet

For starters, let's go with wallets. That leather bifold sitting in your back pocket has got to go.

We may be slightly biased here (maybe completely), but The Ridge is a staple for anyone getting serious about their carry—ask any of the 200k people sporting one of our slim, front pocket wallets. 

Reduce the bulging back pocket and crooked spine. Increase the durability (this one is made from polycarbonate – the same material used in bulletproof glass). Modernize the aesthetics. Cash strap or money clip, your bills always stay secure. It’s RFID blocking, and expandable by up to 12 cards.  

2. Model 20 - Matte Black - $45


There’s just something timeless about the Model 20’s. Their 100% UV blocking lenses keep your eyes safe, while cooly shaded behind classic matte black frames. 5 barrel stainless steel hinges speak of long-lasting quality, while the polycarbonate face and ear tips showcase tested durability. These are a pair of badass, high-quality, comfortable sunglasses.

3. The Chrono by Enclave - $125

chrono enclave

The Chrono watch by Enclave is a slick, subtle timepiece that just can’t be replicated. It packs several features that most watches don’t utilize, while keeping a slim, minimalist design. It ticks with a 2-dial chronograph, with start/ stop and reset buttons above and below the crown, with a date dial next to the 3 o clock position. The Chrono comes with a spring bar hinge that allows you to switch your bands without any tools on the fly - perfect for any texture you see fit for any occasion.

4. Stowaway Tools Mechanical iPhone Case - $25+

phone case

This phone case blows away most EDC items – there’s just an enormous number of tools that can be selected for any kind of day you’re expecting. There are four slots in the phone case that each hold one of thirteen different tools. You get six toppers with the case, which you can pop onto different tools for different days. Firestarters, combs, flashlights, tweezers, knives – everything practical, from emergency situations to personal hygiene.

5. Code 4 Tanto by Cold Steel - $75

A good knife is an essential EDC. You never know when a sharp blade is needed, as it tends to be quite often. Cold Steel is known for their first-class blades, and for bringing back the popularity of American tanto blades back in the 80’s. The Code 4 is a classic variation of a traditional tanto – durable, foldable, and capable of holding an edge for far longer than most traditional steel blades.