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Best ways to stop losing your wallet, keys, and cell phone

April 21, 2018

Best ways to stop losing your wallet, keys, and cell phone

“Hey, does anyone know where I put my wallet? I can’t find it anywhere…”

Who doesn’t know this common refrain, perhaps one of the defining quotes of 21st century life? Maybe it’s not a wallet, but a cell phone, or your car keys. Maybe you’re the one that is always losing these things, maybe it’s your partner, or maybe it’s your roommate. Either way, it’s truly flabbergasting how often these things seem to get lost around the house, considering just how important they are.

Now, when you have a wallet as slim and lightweight as a Ridge, you can afford to just leave it in your pocket at all times. But maybe you like throwing on a pair of sweat pants when you get home, or just lounging around in boxers, and that’s okay, too. If this is your style, however—and if you’re one of the guilty people who seems to always lose their wallets, keys, or cell phone, and have to keep asking others to look for you—here are some tips to make your life a little less stressful.

Check for them every time you go in and out of a location

Have you ever felt jealous of those lucky people who never seem to lose their personal items? Seriously, how do they do it? Here’s the secret: they check for them every time they enter or exit a location, to make sure that the items are still there.

Here’s the trap that us “item losers” always fall into: we trust ourselves too much. “Oh, no worries,” you figure, “I know that I wouldn’t forget to bring that.” But you do forget. You forget all the time. The first step toward fixing this problem is to constantly take note of your belongings during these entrance and exit times, as they’re the times when you can catch any errors. For example, as you step out the front door, check for your items. As you get out of the car, check again. And so on, and so forth. It sounds tedious, but it works, and once it sets in as a regular habit, you won’t think much about it anymore.

Focus hard on these objects every time you put them down

Ever notice how some people just hate having things in their pockets? Maybe you’re one of these people, the types you get into a house, and immediately drop their keys on the table, stuff their wallet on a shelf, and plug their cell phone into an outlet… thus creating a calamity of potential lost items. You can still do this—if you really want to—but if you do, it’s time to start being more conscious about it.

Don’t ever, ever casually put down your cell phone without thinking about it, and definitely not while you’re in the middle of a conversation. Every time you take out your wallet, keys, or cell phone, STOP: think about what you’re doing. As you place the item down, take a moment to memorize exactly where it is, without talking, without multitasking. Yes, this takes time, but if you want empty pockets, this is the cost.

Or, give up and get a Bluetooth tracker

Maybe these approaches are just too annoying and stressful for you, and hey, if so, that’s all good. Since we live in the 21st century, technology has stepped in to fill the void of human failure, with a whole new product line of Bluetooth trackers from various companies. These trackers can be attached to your phone, keys, and wallet, and then using an app, the trackers will ring out, similar to how other people always call your cellphone when you lose it. If you’re interested in getting one, Tile gets great reviews, and there also services like TrackR and Orbit.