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Best Credit Cards for the Online Shopper in all of us

April 07, 2018

Best Credit Cards for the Online Shopper in all of us

In 2018 we are enjoying the golden age of convenience. Food, clothes, appliances, even transportation can all be had at the touch of a button. Yet, we haven’t had this marvelous ability for so long that we take it for granted. After choosing a veritable buffet of Chinese food to be delivered without putting on pants, there is still the feeling of, “Man, it’s a great time to be alive.” That is especially true for online shopping, where essentially every item in existence could appear at your fingertips. Studies have found that dopamines are released when we complete a round of digital commerce.

So how do we continue to feed our digital thirst for online purchasing, without going broke? A good start would be having a credit card that helps feeds the beast. Here are the three best credit cards to fuel your online shopping desires.

Discover it - Cashback: The Round Robin of Rewards

The Discover Cashback Match card is slightly confusing but offers all kinds of deals and rewards so bear with us. Every quarter this card offers 5% cash back at a rotating list of retailers. For instance, one quarter you might get cash back at all gas stations, the next at Amazon, the following quarter at restaurants and so on. There is, however, a quarterly maximum.

You also receive 1% back on all other purchases that fall outside of the chosen quarterly category. Another added bonus is the Discover deals with partner companies such as Walmart, L.L Bean, Bed Bath & Beyond and others. The final cherry on top: Discover doubles all cash back at the end of your first year.

Amazon Visa Rewards Card: The Jeff Bezos Special

If Amazon is your preferred means of online shopping, and really who doesn’t, then this is the card for you. Using this particular card awards you unlimited 3% back from Jeff Bezos Co. and 5% if you have a prime account. This rewards only apply to, not partner companies like Twitch or Zappos, nor to Amazon’s international subsidiaries. But of course, that’s not all. The card also offers 2% back at drugstores, gas stations and restaurants, as well as 1% back anywhere else! Final bonus for travelers: there are no foreign transaction fees and a $50 dollar Amazon gift card upon approval.

Citi Double Cash Credit Card: A Little From A Lot

For those who prefer to spread their online spending around, the Citi Double Cash is just the ticket. While the cash back percentages, 1% at the time of purchase and another 1% once the charge has been paid, are less than the other two cards, it allows for spending just about everywhere, on anything. The Citi card even offers cash back online services such as Netflix. Instead of being confined to certain types of purchases for a quarter, you get a bit less cash back on everything. It’s an ideal card for those prefer simple and straightforward guidelines, without complications.

So if online shopping gets your juices flowing, be sure to get yourself a card that gives you something back for your online amusement.